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A Few Words About My Novel

By Carlos Romero

“Truth be told, despite all appearances and his lofty aspirations—Carlos is really down-to-earth—an all-around practical joker!”

Published December 12, 2020

Okay, so if you’re visiting my site—you’re probably wondering, So what’s this novel about? I will try my best to give you a brief synopsis, without necessarily giving the plot/story away.

First of all, my novel/book is not an easy one to define or categorize. Especially, not by the publishing world’s standards—with its myriad of genres and subgenres.

There are way too many! You can easily do an online search to see what I’m talking about. I just don’t see the need for so much hogwash and confusion. To put it bluntly—it’s a stupid and shitty marketing strategy! And I can see why a lot of decent writers have become truly dissatisfied and turned off by the traditional route and are choosing to self-publish.

Now having said that, using their criteria, my novel would more than likely fall under the genre/designation of philosophical fiction.

To give you an example: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, pretty much falls under the same categorization.

BTW: I’ve never read the book, but I understand it has sold over 60 million copies since it was first published some 30 years ago. Wow, that’s no easy feat and truly impressive!

But that’s where all the comparisons end.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that Beyond the Pillars of Hercules (my novel) does not lend itself to easy classification under the publishing industry’s obtuse catalogue system.

Why is that you ask?

That’s because, Beyond the Pillars of Hercules is a novel that is teeming with mystical and esoteric elements.

In fact, it is rooted in a very deep-seated allegorical and occult Christian tradition (wholly spiritual). The plot and subtext are a literal time capsule of symbolism; imbued with a thematic structure of metaphor and motifs aplenty.

My original intention was an attempt to write a modern-day pastoral novel. Miguel de Cervantes’ masterful; La Galatea, served as the original inspiration and prototype. And yet, this never took fruition but it showed me the way.

Wait! It gets better!

Unlike any past/present run-of-the-mill story—my novel dares to be completely different.

Why is that?

In addition, I incorporated into specific sections of the narrative—some truly erotic/sensual passages (in 3 chapters in particular).

No need to panic! It’s not hedonistic—there’s nothing lowbrow about it! It is all done in a very tasteful and matter-of-fact kind of way. Still, an adherence to a strictly natural aesthetic outlook and principle are prevalent and conspicuously—front and center.

I don’t know of any other novel that quite fits this description (and if anyone does, please, bring it to my attention. I’d be very interested to know).

And did I forget to mention—there’s plenty of humor sprinkled throughout the 12 chapters as well. After all, life is really nothing more than one major Divine Comedy!

All in all, when it comes right down to it, the way I see it, Beyond the Pillars of Hercules is an odyssey and exploration of the mystery of life and of the human condition. Plain and simple.

Writing it for me was as they say: a true labor of love!

Love and Peace,

Carlos E Romero

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