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My Path to Initiation

I’ve often asked myself—what makes one want to be a writer? What made me want to start writing in the first place?

About ten years ago, I began writing and posting reviews on Amazon—on films, books, and music that I had purchased or of titles which I was already familiar with. At the time, this was just a passing interest, a hobby if you will, and yet it was the kernel that would later take root. And so, since that period of time, I have posted something like 320 reviews on Amazon, however, not so much as of late.

Then, about five years ago (2015) I showed a friend-of-a-friend a recent post (I don’t remember if it was for a film or book?) and that person liked my review/synopsis so much that she asked me if I had ever thought about writing a book—a novel/story.

My answer was an instantaneous, “No, not really!”

Then she replied with, “How come?”

“I don’t think I’m really capable and have the know-how for such a thing.”

Carlos E. Romero
Carlos E. Romero

She shot right back, “Well, you know something, you really ought to think about it. I mean, I’m sure you can do it—write a story or novel, because, you’re writing is actually very good.”

The preceding dialogue was just a dramatic recreation. The words might not have been the exact ones that were used, yet they contain the same message and meaning.

And so, I got to thinking, maybe she’s right. Why don’t I try to see if I can write a book—and truly challenge myself? Afterall, there was nothing to stop me from trying. What did I have to lose? What was the worst thing that could happen or go wrong? That I’d discover that I’m really not such a good writer? The fear of failure, and so on. In other words, all the mundane and superficial things that hold us all back from attempting to achieve our goals.

Thus, from that day forth, I began to honestly consider what she had said and I took her proposition with the seriousness that it deserved. I should also add, I never took a writing class nor do I have a literary background whatsoever. My professional experience was in financial services (stockbroker). When I became disillusioned with that, I went into restaurant work as a server in the busy theater district of New York City.

Now, when you stop to think about it, just imagine how many people’s fates/destinies took an entirely different path or course—thanks to the keen wise advice that some kind soul once gave them? Was it just a chance meeting or was there a cardinal aspect at work here? The mystery of life is often filled with such puzzles and wonders. It sounds funny but it’s true—happenstance plays a much bigger role in our lives than we care to know or examine.

And so, I too have to consider myself quite lucky for having listened to the intelligent words and nice compliment that an intuitive lady once paid me. Because, since that point in time, I have endeavored to that very end—to write the best possible story/stories that I could possibly ever dream up. This has now become my drive—my consuming passion!

Needless to say, I will be forever grateful to this individual, and to the invaluable muse that truly inspired me to write my first novel—Beyond the Pillars of Hercules (if it ever gets published?)

Hence, to address my opening questions, a writer is someone that has a need to express one’s self. One who has a strong desire to explore, share and communicate one’s ideas, principles, observations, and so forth—to one’s self and to the world. This is all an artist/poet really is—as it was once universally understood to be. Ultimately, it is an initiation—a desire to question and know thyself. To know the universe—the natural world and the one beyond.

It follows then, that if someone was to ask me—what made you want to write, to become a writer? My answer would simply be—to awaken my soul and spirit.

Love and Peace,
Carlos Romero

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